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Sahaja Yoga Mediation New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, CGI

Consulate General of India.  Sahaja Yoga Meditation is partnering with the Consulate of India in New York and Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations to celebrate International Day of Yoga through various events across the Tri-state area. Read more >> 



The list of these events can be found on the International Day of Yoga webpage. 



UNESCO. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has partnered with Sahaja Meditation USA to help translate the UNESCO mission and ideals into programs that will help raise a new generation of Peacemakers. For example, the 2-week Summer Program, held in Washington, D.C., unites young people (aged 12-20) from diverse countries around the world (such as China, Korea, France, USA, Columbia, and Brazil) to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are armed with the culture of peace through education, science, culture, communication and Sahaja Meditation. Each Sahaja session includes an overview, meditation and sharing of participants’ experiences. Read More >>

Sahaja Yoga Mediation New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Healthcorps
Sahaja Yoga Mediation New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, UNESCO

HealthCorps® is a 501c3 organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz (heart surgeon and host of the nationally syndicated talk show "The Dr. Oz Show") to fight the child obesity and teen suicide crises by empowering American students and communities to become agents of change for their own well-being. 


HealthCorps has a peer mentoring program in 44 high schools in nineteen states and the District of Columbia and will impact approximately one million students this year. The heart of the program: HealthCorps Coordinators are recent college graduates who defer entry into medical school or graduate health programs to participate in public service through a two-year full-time assignment at a designated public high school where they conduct approximately ten classes a week and lead after school and community programs. Read more >> 



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