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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(March 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011)

The greatest teacher in the history of spirituality

Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara chakra, sometimes known as the Crown chakra on May 5, 1970, making possible en masse Self-realization for the entire human race. She was born in a Christian family in Chhindwara, the geographical center of India on the spring equinox, March 21, 1923. As a young girl, Shri Mataji was a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi. She and her parents stayed in Gandhi’s ashram and he recognized something spiritual in the young Nirmala and would ask her advice as to how he should pray. Shri Mataji’s family were prominent in India's struggle for independence from British rule, and her father, Prasad Salve was the only Christian member of the Congress Party in India’s first parliament in 1947.


In addition to her family responsibilities, from 1970 to 2003 Shri Mataji ceaselessly and tirelessly traveled the world giving en-masse Self-realization, always without charge. 


She had a profound and particular love for the USA and its people. She came here many times over the years and gave public programs in many cities, including New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, Houston, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Seattle. 


Shri Mataji said, “I have to say that America is a great country in the universe. It has the place of the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is the center of responsibility and discretion. They have been so responsible. So far they have given such noble ideas of democracy and of freedom and all those things which are really all belonging to God’s ideas. When they talk of all these things, we must know that there is something much more that they can give to the whole world. So many saints are born in this country because they realize that this is the country where they’ll be able to prosper better into their spirituality. So, it is a very great responsibility of Americans to understand that we have had great leaders, we have had great noble ideals, we have had got great saints living here. So many are anxious to come down here. Only thing what we have to do is to establish within ourselves our Spirit, and to be ready and prepared for this great, tremendous work that is going to come now. This is what the world has to do. If emancipation of the humanity has to take place, it has to take place only from inside out and not outside in.


Another thing, I would like to tell that the danger is not from outside for America, not from anywhere else. It is from within themselves. So be careful. We have to be careful about ourselves – the way we are destroying. When we say, “What’s wrong?” we go headlong into our destructions. Human beings should not take freedom as abandonment, but freedom to enjoy completely and fully. The freedom that takes you to destruction is not freedom. The right idea of freedom must be taken. People should know that freedom, ultimate freedom, is when you become your own master, when there are no habits, when you cannot be dominated by anything. You are above everything. That’s the freedom you have to achieve, and that is why people talked long time back in this country about freedom. They helped all the countries to get their freedom, and now it is their job to get them their own freedom within themselves so that others will also follow.”  (1983 Santa Cruz, CA Seminar – Radio KAZU interview)



Shri Mataji was the subject of proclamations and awards by various institutions around the world.


  • Mayor Bloomberg, 2010

  • Senator Robert Menendez, 2010

  • Senator Charles E. Schumer, 2010

  • Governor Chris Christie, 2010

  • USA, 105th Congress, 1997 and 106th Congress, 2000 – Honorarium read into Congressional Record by the Congressman Eliot Engel commending Shri Mataji for her dedicated and tireless work for humanity. 

  • China 1995 –  Official guest of the Chinese Government to speak at the United Nations International Women’s Conference.

  • New York 1994 – September 26th was proclaimed ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day.’ A Police escort was offered for a welcoming parade honoring Shri Mataji and celebrating her association with Mahatma Gandhi.

  • New York, 1990-1994 – Invited by the United Nations for four consecutive years to speak about how to achieve world peace. 


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